COVID-19 alert and availability of doTERRA products.

As at August 14th, 2020

During Covid-19 Alert Level 2 (Christchurch) in August 2020 we will continue operating largely as normal.  There may be an effect on courier delivery times from Christchurch, but we currently expect it to be slight.

We’ve seen no announcements yet, but we expect that the increased alert level in Auckland will likely introduce delays (of maybe a day or two) in shipping from doTERRA in Auckland and courier deliveries going through Auckland.

We will update this post as more information becomes available.


As at June 8th, 2020

At 11:59pm, June 8th New Zealand moved to COVID-19 Alert Level 1.  This effectively removed remaining restrictions on businesses within New Zealand, although there may still be shortages in some doTERRA products.

This post will no longer be updated from June 16th, 2020.


As at May 7th, 2020

Where our products are shipping from

Two key goals of our website are to provide the most complete range of doTERRA products we can and to ship quickly (often same day when we have stock in Christchurch).  To do this, we hold the most popular items on our website in stock in Christchurch and ship less frequently sold N.Z. products from doTERRA’s warehouse in Auckland, and U.S. products from doTERRA’s warehouse in Utah, United States.


Current status at Pure Oils and doTERRA N.Z.

Pure Oils and doTERRA’s warehouses are open, but expect delays as couriers now have a greater volume of goods to move than before the alert went into effect.


Pure Oils is open and shipping products from Christchurch

Orders that are sent from Christchurch are usually processed same day.  If ordered before 3pm, we do our best to get them shipped same day.  We have seen a gradual increase in delivery times over the last 3 weeks – although a very few of our orders are still being delivered next or following day, it is currently typical for courier deliveries throughout New Zealand to take up to a week.


doTERRA is open and shipping products from Auckland

If one or more items in an order comes direct from doTERRA then we place the order with doTERRA the day it is ordered from us – or next business day, if it’s late or a weekend.  doTERRA normally ships from Auckland within 48 hours of the order being placed, or sooner, but the warehouse has been on limited staff since the lock-down.  Although many of our orders are now back to being despatched within 48 hours, some orders may still take up to 4 days to be shipped.

When your order is shipped from doTERRA, we will email you the tracking link.  Please allow a week or so for the couriers to deliver your order.


Limits on some products

We still have per-order limits on the quantity of some products, mostly from the On Guard range.  You may only be able to add one or two of the limited supply items to your order, whilst they’re low in stock at doTERRA.  Sorry for this inconvenience.


Keep Well!

Please take care of yourself and follow the standard precautions during the virus alert.  Wash your hands, eat healthy, keep hydrated, and take plenty of vitamins.  Despite what you often hear in the media, vitamins can be therapeutically effective and are being used against this virus, in both China and Korea.



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