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Is it necessary to join doTERRA to buy doTERRA products.

No. There are benefits to joining doTERRA to buy products, depending on how much and how frequently you purchase, but it is not necessary to join. If you don't have a friend that sells doTERRA, in New Zealand or Australia you can buy doTERRA products at wholesale pricing through our website.

How much does doTERRA membership cost.

In New Zealand, it costs $40 to join doTERRA with a renewal fee of $30 per year. The $30 renewal comes with a free Peppermint oil worth $28. The prices are slightly cheaper in Australian dollars.

It is part of our commitment to our customers to make it easy and affordable to purchase doTERRA products without the pressure that is sometimes associated with a membership.  As we are doTERRA members ourselves we can offer doTERRA N.Z./ Australia products on our website at the doTERRA wholesale price (plus 3% if paying by credit card).  Buying from our website doesn’t require doTERRA membership or registering on our site.

That being said, there are benefits to becoming a doTERRA Wholesale Member.  You are notified of regular doTERRA promotions and receive points on purchases if you setup a regular monthly order (up to 30% of order value).  This does not suit everyone, but we offer the option of membership for those who wish to join.

There are two types of doTERRA membership:

Wholesale Member

The Wholesale membership allows you to purchase direct from doTERRA at wholesale prices and benefit from accruing points if you sign up to the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP).  The LRP allows you to earn points on your purchases, starting at 10% when you join, up to 30% – if you make at least one 50pv purchase (about ~NZ$ 71) each month over the next 12 months.  More complete details on the LRP are here.

You cannot build a doTERRA business with the wholesale membership.  This membership is best suited to those who are purchasing (or plan to) NZ $80 or more each month.

Wellness Advocate

The Wellness Advocate membership is for those who wish to share doTERRA products with others as a business opportunity. In addition to the benefits of the wholesale membership, Wellness Advocates are able to sign up new people to doTERRA and earn bonuses from their purchases.

We recommend using the products yourself before considering this option.  There is no charge to switch to a Wellness Advocate account at a later date.


How to join

If you are considering doTERRA as a business opportunity then we suggest you contact us before joining.  If you are considering joining as a wholesale member, there are a couple of options:

Join at Pure Oils

The quickest and easiest way to join is to purchase a membership directly on our site.  We will register you with doTERRA as a wholesale member by default – please include your date of birth in the Order notes at checkout.  The application also requires your name, address and phone number, which we get when you register for the purchase.

Join at doTERRA

You can also apply for membership directly with doTERRA.  This takes longer but allows you to select your country (if you live outside New Zealand), membership type and add products to your membership purchase.

Click here to register directly with doTERRA.


Annual Membership Renewal

If you become a member and continue ordering through your doTERRA wholesale account, a membership renewal will be automatically added to your order every 12 months (currently NZ$ 30).  With this renewal you will receive a complimentary 15mL Peppermint oil (normal wholesale value NZ$ 28).

If you stop using your wholesale account then the membership will not renew (or be charged) and your membership will lapse about 6 months after the date your renewal would have occurred.


Specials and Promotions

Throughout the year doTERRA has various promotions such as:

  • doTERRA Product of the Month – details here.
  • doTERRA BOGO (Buy one, get one free) – example of a recent doTERRA promotion here.
  • 200pv promotion and other specials – example of these doTERRA promotions here.

The details of doTERRA promotions are emailed to wholesale members as they occur and you can see them when you logon to your doTERRA account.


Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of doTERRA membership are explained on the second page of the agreement forms.  doTERRA has these agreement forms online.  You can click on them below:

  1. Online agreement form (pdf) for doTERRA Wholesale Customer in N.Z.  We have a web-formatted copy of the agreement here.
  2. Online agreement form (pdf) for doTERRA Wellness Advocate in N.Z.  We have a web-formatted copy of the agreement here.


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