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Every month since we started this website in 2018, we have received free products from doTERRA that are not intended for resale.  As a thank you to the customers who supported our online shop in its first months, we ran a promotion in 2018, putting all customers who purchased in a monthly draw for a free doTERRA oil or blend – usually, but not necessarily, the product of the month from doTERRA.

Because it was a manual process and time consuming, Gift of the Month lapsed at the end of 2018 and we would instead include a doTERRA product of the month in random customer orders.


Gift of the month 2020

This year (2020) we are restarting Gift of the Month.  Our goal for the programme now is not just to share these oils with currently active customers but to make it available to those who have not yet had a chance to try doTERRA oils.

Another change is that for the last year or more the doTERRA products of the month have tended not to be standard oils, but 5mL bottles of an oil or blend that is not regularly available to us for purchase.  This means that the gifts of the month are unlikely to be available on our website to buy, at any price.

So anyway, here’s plan 2020(a).

As we accumulate products from doTERRA that we intend to give away we will add them to our new Free Oils page.  This gives you a chance to see the product descriptions and think about which oil you might like.

From time to time (roughly monthly, but not necessarily) we will send an email to subscribers with a coupon code that will allow you to get a single oil from the Free Oils page for the princely sum of $0 and discounted shipping ($3.75 for the order).  If you wish, any other N.Z. items can be added to your order for the same flat shipping rate.

So subscribe to our newsletter if you wish to participate, whitelist and keep an eye out for our emails.  Good luck!


Click here to see Gifts of the month for 2018

Gifts of the month 2018

The gift of the month for December 2018 was a 15mL bottle of doTERRA Purify blend.

doTERRA Purify blenddoTERRA Purify blend



The gift of the month for November 2018 was a 15mL tube of doTERRA Correct-X ointment.

doTERRA CorrectX ointmentFrankincense resinMelaleuca (Tea Tree) branches


The gift of the month for October 2018 was a 15mL bottle of doTERRA Tangerine essential oil.

doTERRA Tangerine oilTangerine on branch


The gift of the month for September 2018 was a 10mL bottle of doTERRA Tea Tree Touch.

doTERRA Tea Tree TouchMelaleuca (Tea Tree) branches


The gift of the month for August 2018 was a 15mL bottle of doTERRA Lemon oil.

doTERRA Lemon oilFresh lemons


The gift of the month for July 2018 was a 15mL bottle of doTERRA Lime oil.

doTERRA Lime oilFreshly cut limes


The gift of the month for June 2018 was a 15mL bottle of doTERRA Citrus Bliss blend.

doTERRA Citrus Bliss blendLemon, mandarin and orange


The gift of the month for May 2018 was a doTERRA 10mL Lavender Touch bottle.

doTERRA Lavender TouchBunch of lavender



Recently added to our shop

  • dōTERRA Laurel Leaf essential oil 5mL

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  • dōTERRA Caraway essential oil 5mL

    Caraway 5mL

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  • dōTERRA Balsam Fir essential oil 5mL

    Balsam Fir 5mL

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  • dōTERRA Rosalina essential oil 5mL

    Rosalina 5mL

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  • Summer Savoury 5mL

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