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Apologies to subscribers who have been waiting a long time for us to get Gift of the Month started again!  Since earlier in the year we’ve given a lot of thought to what we wanted to achieve with the programme and how to how to best implement it; balancing what we wanted to achieve with the amount of time it would take.


Gift of the Month in 2018

To recap how this idea started, throughout the year we get a number of oils from doTERRA that are either free with certain purchases, or discounted as part of promotions.  We started Gift of the Month in 2018, selecting somebody randomly from that month’s sales to receive a free oil but this is more time consuming than we thought and neither transparent, nor scaleable.  Since most of the oils have very limited availability it also means that somebody might randomly win an oil that they’re not particularly interested in while somebody else who really wanted the oil did not have the opportunity to obtain it.

Click here to see Gifts of the month for 2018

Gifts of the month 2018

The gift of the month for December 2018 was a 15mL bottle of doTERRA Purify blend.

doTERRA Purify blenddoTERRA Purify blend



The gift of the month for November 2018 was a 15mL tube of doTERRA Correct-X ointment.

doTERRA CorrectX ointmentFrankincense resinMelaleuca (Tea Tree) branches


The gift of the month for October 2018 was a 15mL bottle of doTERRA Tangerine essential oil.

doTERRA Tangerine oilTangerine on branch


The gift of the month for September 2018 was a 10mL bottle of doTERRA Tea Tree Touch.

doTERRA Tea Tree TouchMelaleuca (Tea Tree) branches


The gift of the month for August 2018 was a 15mL bottle of doTERRA Lemon oil.

doTERRA Lemon oilFresh lemons


The gift of the month for July 2018 was a 15mL bottle of doTERRA Lime oil.

doTERRA Lime oilFreshly cut limes


The gift of the month for June 2018 was a 15mL bottle of doTERRA Citrus Bliss blend.

doTERRA Citrus Bliss blendLemon, mandarin and orange


The gift of the month for May 2018 was a doTERRA 10mL Lavender Touch bottle.

doTERRA Lavender TouchBunch of lavender


Gift of the Month from 2020

We will no longer be selecting winners of oils each month.  From the end of 2020, we will send an email to our subscribers when promotional oils are available on the website.  The oils will initially be priced at $5 each, to allow those who want them to buy them.  After 3 days at this price, any oil(s) remaining will be free until sold out, withdrawn, or we reach the end of the month.  Only one gift of the month may be added per order.

Most months there would only be a few bottles of a single oil to give away but since we’ve been tardy all year we have nearly 40 bottles of different oils to give away this month (December 2020).


Conditions for Gift of the Month

  1. The promotional oil(s) will initially be listed on our website for the nominal price of $5, to allow customers to buy one if they wish.  After 3 days the price will be removed and any remaining oil(s) will be available for free.
  2. For January 2021, gifts of the month have not yet been priced..
  3. Only one gift of the month oil is available per order.
  4. Promotion runs until gift oils have been sold, withdrawn or it is the end of the month.
  5. Promotional oils will be added to the website on the months when we have them.  An email will be sent to subscribers of our website.
  6. The oils are promotional – some of the 5mL bottles are sent to us from doTERRA with slightly lower levels than normal, so we list them all as 4.5mL bottles.


Good Luck!

One of the reasons for Gift of the Month is to give people who have not yet tried our oils an opportunity to do so affordably.  This month they would also make a good Christmas gift!

So subscribe to our newsletter if you wish to be emailed when the promotion is about to start, whitelist [email protected] and keep an eye out for our emails.  Good luck!


Current Gifts of the Month


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