Hi, this is Elaine. Welcome to my website.

Some of you may be aware that I had a stroke many years ago and this affected my ability to speak, read and write. It had a severe effect not just on my ability to communicate, but on every aspect of my life.

When I first started using essential oils I didn’t have much idea of what to expect. The first few oils I tried helped me a little with my memory and I felt a little more clear-headed but as I learned more and tried many different oils I started to notice benefits that made me decide to include doTERRA oils as part of my overall routine for staying healthy. This includes eating well, regular exercise and now the doTERRA vitamin range.

The goal for this website is to make a wide range of doTERRA products easily and affordably available to anybody that wants to purchase them without necessarily becoming a doTERRA member. We’re happy to offer general advice where we can but we cannot and do not prescribe solutions to specific health problems. There are legal reasons for this, but another is that I think it is difficult to truly have control over your own health without researching and becoming aware of the pros and cons of any potential health solutions for yourself.

Thank you again for showing an interest in our website – I hope those of you who have already bought essential oils are enjoying them!

Best regards,






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    Whisper Touch 10mL

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    Yarrow | Pom Body Serum 100mL

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    Ancient Oils Collection

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    Caraway 5mL

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