Starter Packs

The doTERRA starter kits have significant savings over purchasing the individual products separately.

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  • Wellness Boxes

    Wellness Boxes (4)

  • Home Essentials Starter Pack

    NZ$ 391.00
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  • Become a Wholesale Member

    NZ$ 40.00
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  • Family Essentials Starter Pack

    NZ$ 218.00
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  • Bedtime Bliss Starter Pack

    NZ$ 190.00
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  • Seasonal Essentials Starter Pack

    NZ$ 205.00
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  • Nature’s Solution Starter Pack

    NZ$ 721.00
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  • doTERRA AU/NZ Emotional Wellness Starter Pack

    Emotional Wellness Starter Pack

    NZ$ 260.00
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  • doTERRA AU/NZ Daily Usage Starter Pack

    Daily Usage Starter Pack

    NZ$ 681.00
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  • Emotional Aromatherapy Starter Pack

    NZ$ 320.00
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  • Touch Starter Pack

    NZ$ 341.00
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  • AromaTouch Pro Starter Pack

    NZ$ 325.00
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  • Active Sports Starter Pack

    NZ$ 214.00
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  • Oil Sharing Starter Pack

    NZ$ 1546.00
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