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These are items we hold in stock and that are not available from doTERRA. If one of these items is selected with a product that is only available from doTERRA then double shipping will apply, unless you choose to backorder.

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  • Easy Air Clear Drops

    NZ$ 23.70
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  • TriEase Softgels 60pcs

    NZ$ 52.00
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  • doTERRA Laurel Leaf essential oil 5mL

    Laurel Leaf 5mL

    NZ$ 45.40
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  • doTERRA Caraway essential oil 5mL

    Caraway 5mL

    NZ$ 30.90
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  • doTERRA Balsam Fir essential oil 5mL

    Balsam Fir 5mL

    NZ$ 29.00
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