Limited Time or Availability

The following items are promotional products at doTERRA,  They are only available for a limited time or have limited stock.  We list them to give our customers access to promotions that only doTERRA members would normally see, however there might be times when these sell out before we are able to update the website.  If this should happen, we apologise in advance and will quickly refund that part of the order or substitute for another item, whichever you choose.

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  • doTERRA Rosalina essential oil 5mL

    Rosalina 5mL

    NZ$ 63.00
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  • doTERRA Laurel Leaf essential oil 5mL

    Laurel Leaf 5mL

    NZ$ 45.40
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  • doTERRA Caraway essential oil 5mL

    Caraway 5mL

    NZ$ 30.90
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  • doTERRA Balsam Fir essential oil 5mL

    Balsam Fir 5mL

    NZ$ 29.00
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