A popular use of essential oils is to help with sleep.  Many people have told us that Lavender and the Lavender Peace products have helped them.  We also defer to Dr Axe’s article on 4 essential oils that might help, if you’re having trouble sleeping.

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  • Lavender 15mL

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  • Lavender Peace (Serenity) 15mL

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  • Frankincense 15mL

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  • Cedarwood 15mL

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  • Serenity (Lavender Peace) Softgels

    NZ$ 49.00 not sold in N.Z.
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  • Bergamot 15mL

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  • Vetiver 15mL

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  • Lavender 5mL

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  • Bedtime Bliss Enrolment Kit

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