Rose Train Case

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A hard, nylon case that can fit 28 x doTERRA 10mL or 5mL bottles in the top compartment and another 15 x doTERRA 15mL oil bottles in the bottom compartment.

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The Rose Train case is a card / nylon bag with two separately zipped compartments.

The taller top compartment can hold 28 x 10mL roller bottles, or 5mL bottles at a squeeze, and the bottom compartment can hold 15 standard (15mL) doTERRA bottles tight enough to stop them moving when in motion.


External – nylon.  Inside – flock lined card.

External dimensions

203mm (wide) x 125mm (deep) x 181mm (high)

Top compartment

This compartment has a firm foam base with 4 rows of 7 holes in the foam to support 28 x doTERRA 10mL roller bottles, or 5mL bottles, if you’re prepared to squeeze them in quite firmly.

Bottom compartment

Foam base with 15 holes large enough to hold doTERRA 15mL bottles firmly.  10mL bottles are too tall to fit in the bottom compartment and 5mL bottles (or smaller) do not fit snugly, so could fall out of the holes if the bag was tipped over or upside down.


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Additional information

Weight 650 g
Dimensions 11 × 18 mm
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