The testimonials on this page are from customers who have bought oils and other doTERRA products from us and also testimonials from those who have become doTERRA wholesale members.

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I bought the Introductory kit, Balance and sample size of Wild Orange. They all smell amazing, especially Balance, the aroma is beautiful and uplifting. It's like walking in the forest after the rain. I use Lemon and Wild Orange as an all-purposed spay to sweep and spritz the house to keep it squeaky clean and provide fresh aroma.

I'm very happy with the purchase, fantastic service and super fast delivery. I was also given a lovely sample gift to try - a deep blue rub. I haven't tried it yet but pretty sure it will be just as amazing as the other products I got. I would love to continue buying from Elaine in the future.

Vung from Auckland

I bought doTERRA Wild Orange and also Frankincense. Loving them, use Frankincense all the time.

Very happy with purchase. Have saved website as a favourite seller. Fantastic service and delivery.

Ally from Oamaru

I was in a bad way after a accident end of 2015. After requiring two surgeries and rehab I still experienced pain and discomfort and was on a lot of medication. I was introduced to doTERRA in 2018 by Elaine and since using these products I was surprised to have less of these ailments, more energy and stamina, and I take less medication. I am now sleeping longer (I would be up at least two to three times a night with discomfort) and my overall well-being is fantastic.

I credit Frankincense and Copaiba specifically with reducing a lot of my pain and allowing me to dramatically reduce my medications. I used Lavender initially to help me sleep but recently found that adding Vetiver oil to the diffuser with Lavender is even more effective.

Elaine has been really supportive with information and advice. I have joined doTERRA as a wholesale member and buy product directly myself but Elaine and I stay in regular contact.

Kevin from Christchurch

Sometimes, someone needs to do it as not everyone has the time and money. And its helpful to my neighbors, friends and family if i can get the products for them and explain how they help. I have the time to do the research and test out the products.

Elaine and Jodie are great, both are very supportive especially Elaine. And its nice to have someone you can rely on and trust. Unfortunately doTERRA help line has not been helpful to me but Jodie solved my issues.

I find the products very helpful. I love the natural pleasant smell in my house from diffusing Wild Orange and Grapefruit. I'm into organics and natural ways of staying healthy, and the oils have been great for getting rid of a cold before it takes hold. Or calming that headache with a little Lavender and easing muscle pain with Ice Blue. I also like Balance and Frankincense for meditation.

Julianna from Christchurch

I brought lavender peace, a restful blend and I use it every day by dabbing it on myself and find it's helpful to keep me on a even keel throughout the day.

I love the fact that I was told it would be there the next day and it was, plus I found a lovely little sample gift to try which made it even more exciting.

The sample was wild orange and i have found it to be quite invigorating.

Vicki from Tasman region

I recently bought the doterra introductory pack.

Absolutely delighted with the product. The service, speed of delivery and communication fantastic.

I shall be a return customer for sure.....Thank you.

Polly from Christchurch

I’ve purchased quite a few oils from Elaine now, lavender and ylang ylang being my favourites.

Her service is absolutely fantastic with excellent communication and fast delivery. I’ll happily continue to purchase my doterra products through Elaine for years to come.

Rachel from Greymouth

Trademe Testimonials

We don’t sell on Trademe but ship orders for some traders that do.  Below are some of the feedback comments for Trademe orders that we have filled.


Easy trade. Seller had clear instructions and shipped the item very quickly! Many thanks! (Introductory Kit)

Rachel from Pukekohe

Very quick delivery and lovely product. Gave to daughter for birthday and she loves it. (Lumo Diffuser Intro Kit)

Pam from Auckland

Always quick delivery! Thanks again. Great trader. Will trade again. (On Guard Protective Blend)

Lindsey from Nelson

Fantastic trader, prompt delivery great communication. Thank you for the free samples also. Highly recommend this trader!! (Frankincense)

Tanya from Dannevirke

Fantastic trader. Extremely helpful!! Will definitely be back for more!!! (Wild Orange, Introductory Kit)

Monique from Central Hawkes Bay

Excellent service!! & speedy shipping and good communication (Petal Diffuser Intro Kit)

Mackenzie from Palmerston North

Super fast delivery and packaged carefully to keep it safe. Already put to use. Thanks so much again! I will definitely purchase again. (Easy Air/Breathe Clear Blend)

Lindsey from Nelson

Very friendly and helpful seller, I wasn't able to use the oil I had purchased for what I had intended and she happily refunded which I really appreciated. Thanks so much 🙂 (Wild Orange)

Sarah from Gisborne

Super fast to deal with in terms of communication and delivery. Good product as well. Will buy again! (Lavender Peace Calming Blend)

Arlene from Upper Hutt

Easy trade, thanks again to lovely Elaine on brief intro of the essential oils for me! Highly recommended! (Lumo Diffuser Intro Kit)

Katie from Christchurch




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