Where does Peppermint essential oil come from?

dōTERRA Peppermint essential oil is a smooth, sweet oil, high in menthol content and amongst the most popular and recognised of all dōTERRA products. This video shows the first steps of what goes into producing high quality essential oil – from the process of planting and sourcing the raw materials to the gratitude growers feel from the fruits of their labour.

Where does doTERRA source Peppermint essential oil?

doTERRA originally sourced Peppermint oil from growers in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. As demand for Peppermint essential oil has grown, this partnership has spread to other farmers in the Pacific Northwest and other parts of the world.

How does co-impact sourcing benefit Peppermint growers?

Although peppermint is sourced predominantly in the United States, which is not a developing nation, co-impact sourcing has still had a noticeable effect here. One of the original grower partners is a fourth generation peppermint farmer, however his son had originally left the farm to find work elsewhere. Partnering with doTERRA has given the farm guaranteed demand for a quality oil at a good price, ensuring the viability of this family business for generations to come.

dōTERRA Peppermint is one of doTERRA’s five original oils, but they originally had trouble finding oil of the right quality.  Emily Wright contacted Dr. Robert Pappas, who was able to recommend growers who were producing high quality oil and cared about their product.



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