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Understandably, we get a lot of questions from our website visitors about which oils are best for a particular condition or outcome they are wanting.  We are not doctors, so cannot prescribe or even directly recommend solutions for medical conditions.  The purpose of this website however is not just to sell, but to provide useful information to people who are wanting to take more control over their own health, and there are ways that we can help.

Our website goals

Regarding information and products, some of the goals of our website include:

  • To provide doTERRA products online, quickly and affordably, without membership.  This is the main service we provide, for people who know what they’re looking for.
  • To provide the best information we can, with the resources we have.  We show a copy of doTERRA’s published information for each product on our site (sometimes annotated) – we don’t embellish or add product claims to doTERRA’s descriptions.  At the bottom of our product pages we show links to other resources that we think might include useful information (such as doTERRA’s product pages, spotlight pages etc)
  • To gather and show customer testimonials and reviews on our site, including negative ones.  This gives you the opportunity to see what customers who have actually used a product think and form your own opinion about whether it might be useful to you.
  • To respond to all customer questions on products.  We don’t make recommendations but can tell you what we use, what other people buy and what our experience has shown us about a product or condition.  Ultimately the decision about what or which products to try is up to you, though we recommend that you discuss any products that you are using with your doctor.


Where to get information and solutions

There are a number of sources of information on essential oils and health generally, and some of them will not be a surprise to you.  The most common way I research new information is still an Internet search (DuckDuckGo, not Google).  Health information is very contentious however and it’s hard to know which information on an Internet search is accurate or useful.

Although we don’t endorse any site, I use the following sites, to varying degrees, for research.


Online resources for essential oils

The following resources have a focus on essential oils:


doTERRA Solutions Pages

doTERRA has a solutions resource that allows you to research essential oils information based on the product, category of application (mood, health, sleep etc) or body system (respiratory, digestive, nervous, immune system etc).

These pages are for the United States market and information is not necessarily approved by N.Z. or Australian regulatory bodies.


doTERRA Product Spotlight Pages

doTERRA Product Spotlight pages have more background information on oils and blends than the product pages as well as more information on their potential benefits and how they can be used.

These pages are for the United States market and information is not necessarily approved by N.Z. or Australian regulatory bodies.


Elaine’s Pure Oils

I actually use our own website as a starting point for researching doTERRA products.  Our site is internally linked, well indexed, easily searchable and links to mydoTERRA, doTERRA N.Z. and doTERRA Product Spotlight pages from each of our product pages.

If you have researched a product, we also recommend you check customer reviews and testimonials on our site (and any other site you can find them on), to see what people actually use the products for and whether they find them effective.  Obviously these comments are subjective and what works for them may not work for you.


Online resources for health generally

For research into health related issues, not necessarily based on essential oils, I use the following resources:

DuckDuckGo Search Engine

DuckDuckGo is my preferred Internet search engine because it is privacy based, doesn’t track my searches and doesn’t create a content bubble.  Because the more well known search engines that you know profile you and your searches, they show you content that they think you’re interested in, based on your previous searches.  Because your search results are actively filtered, you can never know that you’re seeing all the results for the search you’ve just made.

Furthermore, the largest search engines, are known to filter out content that fails their criteria for “fake news”.  If you have been researching Covid-19 and hadn’t heard that vitamin C has being successfully used in Chinese hospitals against Covid-19 since March 2020 or that Hydroxychloroquine was being used with apparent success against the same disease in U.S. hospitals then it’s very likely because this information was filtered from your search results by your search engine.

Health cures are very contentious and subject to significant search engine filtering.  If your goal is to educate yourself and come to your own conclusions based on the best information you can find, then I suggest you use a search engine that shows you all the results and lets you do the filtering.


Dr Josh Axe and Dr Robert Pappas

Dr Axe has a website dedicated to natural health.  We use his site occasionally to get a second opinion on oils, that is not doTERRA’s opinion.  If you don’t want to get caught in a doTERRA bubble then I’d recommend you look at Dr Axe’s site as well as well as Robert Pappas’ Essential Oil University.



Doctor Yourself is a website run by Dr Andrew Saul and is my (Richard) number one go-to website for health issues.  Doctor Yourself has a heavy focus on vitamin therapy but also highlights the value of vegetable juicing and other therapies.

Of all the resources on this page, this website is the one that includes the most articles written by practicing doctors, many of them experts in their fields, including clinical notes and protocols curing real diseases, usually without drugs.

Contributing authors on this site include Dr Frederick Klenner, Dr Robert Catchcart, Dr Abram Hoffer and twice Nobel laureate Linus Pauling.


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